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Sitecore is the premier Web platform for hospitals—with unprecedented stability, flexibility, usability, and features like advanced personalization. TBG is Sitecore’s most sophisticated partner specializing in healthcare.

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A Rock Solid Platform

rock solid

Healthcare systems like Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, Penn Medicine, UPMC, UMMS, Children’s National and others choose Sitecore for many reasons, but chief among those is Sitecore’s rock solid stability. Sitecore’s engineering provides both unparalleled uptime, far superior to Open Source alternatives like Drupal, and it is also the easiest path to rapid integrations with find-a-doctor databases, syndicated content, portals, and other software in your ecosystem. In other words, Sitecore is the most reliable, flexible, proven CMS platform for hospitals on the market.

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Major Healthcare Successes

Major Healthcare Successes

TBG is the most sophisticated Sitecore partner focused on healthcare, with a leading practice in strategy, user experience, implementation, content migration, personalization and multi-channel integration. Our happy clients include Penn Medicine, Children’s National Health System, UMMS, Mercy Health Services, and many other leading organizations. We have 24 years of experience in digital healthcare—so you won’t have to waste time explaining HIPAA, credentialing of doctors, Epic, Cerner, or the Affordable Care Act to us!

Our development approach builds on two decades of Web development for hospitals and impressive Sitecore code base, but at the same it eschews the “proprietary modules” approach that some developers use to speed up development—an approach that unfortunately locks hospitals into overly rigid one-developer solutions. TBG provides both the market-leading site you need, and also the long term sustainability and range of development options that make good business sense. 

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A Platform for Marketing & I.T.

A Platform for Marketing & I.T.

For once there is something that I.T. and marketing can agree on with smiles all around. Sitecore and TBG together offer a solution that has the stability, modularity, and security that appeals to I.T. (built on a Microsoft-standard .NET framework)—and the speed-to-market, personalization, marketing features, and full support of any user experience (including complex Responsive Design) loved by the marketing folks. 

It’s a system that is both forward looking and completely reliable; integrating marketing technologies and scaled to handle large amounts of content and site visitors. Add to that TBG’s expert and intimate domain knowledge about the marketing, content and I.T. challenges faced by institutions like yours, and you have a recipe for success. Add that up, and it’s a new age for digital marketing.

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Personalization & Multi-Channel

personalization multichannel

Sitecore is a world-class content management platform for hospitals and health systems, but it is so much more. Sitecore provides a unified platform to take your digital ecosystem—content marketing, email, SEO, analytics, social, nurture track and lead generation—to a higher level. Incorporating strong capabilities in the areas of user profiling, Web personalization, and multi-channel engagement automation, adopting Sitecore opens doors in sophisticated marketing for your team for many years to come and helps reduce the silos that fragment marketing operations.

At the same time, TBG is an unusual developer in that we not only implement large, mission critical multi-site CMS projects, but we also help digital teams perfect their use of marketing technology. We are highly knowledgeable about effective conversion strategies, content strategies, multi-channel, multivariate testing, and of course targeted content (Hey, we wrote the book on personalization)—and we can get you there too!)

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